Recordings and Videos from April 23rd

WOW!  Open Mic at Cafe Du Nord on April 23rd was amazing!  Thank you all so much for packing the room and making it a very special night.  The talent was off the hook!


VIDEO of the night was captured by Slim Critchlow and can be viewed HERE.



Open Mic @ Cafe Du Nord Tuesday 7pm



Open Mic at Cafe Du Nord 1 Week Away! Tuesday April 23rd

That electricity you have been feeling, the spark in the air, has its epicenter at
Market and Sanchez Streets in San Francisco, where on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, KC
Turner Presents will again host the celebration that is the Open Mic at Cafe Du
Nord! On the top-shelf stage at this historic venue where so many premier performers
have played over the years, we are proud to present: You!


Our fondest greetings again, all of us who have made this event the warm, welcoming
community and crowd that it is, and greetings to people who have not yet taken the
opportunity to show your stuff to the most appreciative of hosts, staff and fellow
performers! And greetings to anyone who wants to hear some of the best music being
made in the Bay Area, up-and-coming talent after up-and-coming talent!


And we so appreciate that the almost-mystically-superb drummer Trent Boeschen will
again be with us to kick your performance up as many notches as you care to take
yours! As always, the impeccable sound crew headed by wizard Dan Foldes will be
recording your performance for the ages!


In short, it will be the hugest of parties, the biggest of show and a monumental event that you’ll want to be at, and it all begins on the cavalcade of stars that is the line outside the Cafe Du Nord!  Info for performers HERE.



Open Mic @ Cafe Du Nord – Tuesday April 23rd

One Night Only. For performer details CLICK HERE.