Jasmine Pritchard on RDL Open Mic and Tonight’s Celebration


I’m going to come out and say it: I would not be nearly as happy a person as I am had it not been for the Red Devil Open Mic. KC Turner, in the year and a half that I have known him, has been a friend, boss, inspiration and mostly, a catalyst for me, and, from the stories I’ve seen and heard since the announcement of the end of RDL open mic, for other people as well. He has fostered a community so loyal, loving and talented that it is impossible for me to go to any music endeavor in San Francisco, on any given night, without seeing the smiling face of someone I have met through KC Turner and the open mic.


As I gear up for the blow-out party tonight at Café du Nord, I’m trying to let go of my heavy heart and focus more on the truth of it all – this community will persist. Our music and love of it was maybe garnered and realized through our affiliation with this open mic, but we cannot let it be extinguished by this set back. Instead of being sad/angry that it is coming to an end, I hope to see you all there tonight so we can reminisce about our shared experiences with the music, and the people of the open mic. Let’s talk about the first time we heard Addison sing “Colonized” and was blown away by that voice, or how we all sang along with Skeeze Nuts’ hit “first we get high, then we get lit, then we get drunk, then we talk $*!+, and do it all again, and do it all again..”. Then we can talk about how awesome it was to feature, and who we first collaborated with (for me, it was with Ben Brown on May 31st, 2011). We can talk about Mario’s blue guitar and how he’s covered both KC and Alan’s songs, how David Colon can breathe new life into any R&B song, how awesome it was to see Josh perform with SAGE for the first anniversary show. We can talk about the first time we tasted the Banh-Mi sandwiches, or the gumbo. And even the late night donuts that Julie brought, cupcakes that Anya baked, and the free La Boulange pastries that Trisha Hall used to bring. We can talk about how we used to check in on Facebook/Foursquare/Twitter to get a $2 beer, or how maybe we had a shot too many while singing along with Brentando’s crowd pleasing song, Bonafide (hey – yeah…. Hey yeah eh eh eh eh eh, hey- yeah). We can talk about how people like Rory Cloud and Maria Quiles and Ryan Clark and Melissa Lyn have found both musical and romantic bliss through the open mic. See, many happy things to talk about. If there is one thing to be sad about, it will be that we never got to see a classical guitar showdown between Ray Zhou and David Trevors.


The first person who’s music I downloaded onto my iPod from KC’s website was Greg Lamboy. My “feel good” playlist on my iPod has names like Bobby Jo Valentine, Gentry Bronson, Alan Monasch, Donovan Plant, Brent Shinn, Ben Brown, Mick Shafer, Aaron Ford, Levi Levitt, Endoxi, The Coffis Brothers, Alex Jimenez, Bobby Dunne, Robbie Welch, Thunderegg, Bekah Barnett, Roem Baur, Welcome Matt, and many many more. All names that I probably would not have heard of if it weren’t for this open mic. I have a 32 minute track of my featured performance that I listen to more often than I’m willing to admit, and that I know my mom listens to daily, all because of this open mic.


To anyone who’ll listen I’ll tell you about how I was celebrating/commiserating an end of a job on September 5th, 2011 and how KC hired me by September 9th. How having this job led me to the musicians I currently work with and how those same musicians have provided me with an avenue to actually perform myself. How without this open mic, I would probably still be in my boring job in foreign government instead of teaching voice lessons, managing musician’s business endeavors, working with KC Turner Presents, and co-founding a video production company with Dan Dan the Sound Man and Sean Dibs Burke. Which will bring me to tell you about how much I’ll miss the staff at the Red Devil open mic too. I met some of my closest friends because of being at the open mic. I spend much of my free time with Josh, Anna, Zimmie, Dan and Sean. All who were an integral part of building this community. I saw many of the open micers at Red Devil shows, and it was because of the level of comfort we had with seeing the staff every week that we felt the Red Devil was a go-to place even on non-open mic nights. For that, I am grateful.





I seriously hope to see as many of you as I can tonight – and not to say goodbye. But rather to celebrate all that we have gained by allowing ourselves to be affected by each other’s words and rhythms, and encouraging each other to thrive in our passion for music. I for one, have had no “bad” open mic nights, and I look forward to what KC will have in store for us next. I also look forward to my role in making it happen. KC, and my dear community, you have my respect, my gratitude and my friendship. Party tiiiiiiiiime!




Alan Monasch on tomorrow’s farewell to Red Devil Open Mic at Cafe Du Nord

My precious, irreplaceable (Red Devil) open mic community,

Our last (Red Devil) open mic is taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 26, at Cafe Du
Nord. I want you to come, I want you to be there.

In the last two and a half years KC Turner has gathered the most extraordinary
musicians and music lovers around him and his huge heart with this open mic as its
weekly meeting place, its weekly celebration. Since last Thursday I have heard in
detail about all the people who met each other on the line, all the people who
formed musical and human bonds, and it is difficult to contemplate what our musical
life would be like now had KC not birthed and nurtured the open mic and this
community. To say that I am sad about the loss is a gross understatement, and to say
that I value this community with which I have been so privileged to connect does not
even hint at how deep it goes for me, how deep I know it goes for so many of us.


Our community persists. Our connection to each other, our love, persists. Our love
for KC Turner (who is as good-looking as his audiences, by the way 🙂 ) persists and
is now even stronger. We will continue to support each other, to collaborate and to
play our music for and with each other, and I am looking forward eagerly to our


I want you to be at the Du Nord to share this particular precious connection one
more precious time. Even past all the seriousness, We. Had. Fun! Let us do it one
last time, before we do whatever wonderful thing is next, and let’s have it be the
blowout to end all blowouts! That, I think, is the best way to honor what KC has
accomplished and what we have all been and done together. And I think it’s the best
way to start the next phase of our journey together!

I love each and every one of us!


With all my heart,

Details on how to perform on Tuesday HERE.


End of Red Devil Open Mic, One Last Blow Out at Cafe Du Nord

Dear Red Devil Lounge Open Mic’ers & Supporters,

It is with a heavy heart to let you know that the Red Devil Lounge Open Mic is coming to an abrupt end.

I’d like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for building a scene that is unlike any other I have been a part of. It’s been a privilege to meet so many talented and aspiring musicians and forge friendships with many of you.

The GOOD NEWS: I will be hosting 1 last blow out Open Mic Extravaganza at CAFE DU NORD! – THIS Tuesday, Feb. 26th (1 Night Only), Doors at 7pm. Same set up, different location! Our house drummer Trent will be there all night long and Dan Foldes will be on the soundboard. Slots will be 7:30pm-1am and there will not be a featured performer.

I admire the dedication and hard work you put into your craft and performance, and it’s what motivates me to organize and present all of you together week after week. With that said, please know that I am working on ideas of how to keep this open mic community going at a new location. Stay tuned.

I hope to see you on Tuesday at Cafe Du Nord!

Keep making music. Keep supporting live music. And keep smiling.

i like you.
kc turner

For more details on performing at the Cafe Du Nord blow out open mic this Tuesday, please CLICK HERE.

PS – Watch the promo video I made for the 2yr anniversary back in Sept.  You might need a tissue.  Watch it HERE.


Highlights, House Drummer and Jean Marc this week

Highlights from 2/12/13


Line of musicians (above)

Collaboration Night was a huge success, with people getting together on stage to
share and add to each other’s music! Whether it was Mario Di Sandro bringing nearly
the entire audience on stage for his song and Mario playing hot electric lead on
Alex Jimenez’s, or the Sugar Ponies backing Mick Shaffer and vice-versa or the
plexus of Wesley Woo, Hyejin Yu and Chris Cerrato, people combining their talents
for the music and for the big fun was the order of the day.


Mario Di Sandro and friends (above)

Brandon Zahursky performed at the Red Devil for the first time and definitely turned heads, Addison Nimrod took a much-missed metal turn, and Levi Levitt, Jordan Carp, Tom McBride, Rick Hardin and Johnny J. Blair had standout sets and Bill Fried struck hard again with “I’m Sorry.”


Brandon Zahursky (above)

The feature, Lauren O’Connell, definitely won hearts with her sweetly melodic and angry writing style and attitudinal performance. A pumped-as-ever host, KC Turner and the new format kept things moving along nicely for the large audience, Gumbo Dave was at his Mardi Gras best with gumbo and great stuffed breads, now called Cajun Eclairs, the drinks flowed and a bon temps was had by all!


Lauren O’Connell (above)

This coming Tuesday brings the featured set and superior stylings of serious sensation and Red Devil favorite Jean Marc, and beloved Trent Boeschen, the drummer to the stars who helps make you a star, will be on hand in his role as house drummer, so you will most certainly want to be here, to play, to listen, to eat and drink with friends and fellow musicians and to bask in the warm glow of the best bar lighting in the Bay Area and the awesome energy that is your weekly Red Devil Lounge Open Mic!

If you would like to see photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM  – If you are interested in performing on a Tuesday, please see performer info.

Alan Monasch


Jean Marc (above)


House Drummer Trent (above)

UPDATE! We have 2 announcements to share with you…

UPDATE! We have 2 announcements to share with you that go into effect starting tonight…

1) If you are performing at the Red Devil Lounge open mic, you will NO LONGER be charged $2.

2) The last performer of the night will now be scheduled to play at 11:15pm (not midnight like before). To ensure that everyone gets to play, all performers will now be allowed 1 song each. We will still record every performer for free.

We hope that these changes will help to expand our Tuesday open mic community and give more folks an opportunity to perform on stage at Red Devil Lounge.

See you TONIGHT at 7pm!

Your Host,
KC Turner

Collaboration Night – Lauren O’Connell Featured


Tuesday night was one of the best editions of the Red Devil Open Mic ever! A large, happy and excited crowd saw a feature we will not soon forget, David Colon, with his incredible voice and performance style on his jazzy, hip-hoppy, looping-pedaled and beautifully-crafted tunes, all presented with a scathing sense of humor and David’s great spirit!



In that spirit, please remember that next Tuesday, Feb 12, is Collaboration Night, a theme night that contributes so much to making our open mic community what it is, even as it gives us the opportunity to have the pleasure of working on each others songs! If you haven’t arranged a collaboration, now is most certainly the time! Try something new with someone(s) new; it’s Open Mic! We so look forward to hearing the results!


It’s bound to be another highlight evening! Great food, luscious libation, good friends, good music, good times. It takes YOU to make it happen, so come on down and keep it happening!

Featured will be YouTube sensation, Lauren O’Connell.

It. just. keeps. getting. better, see you Tuesday!

If you would like to see photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM  – If you are interested in performing on a Tuesday, please see performer info.


Highlights from last week, TONIGHT w/ David Colon and House Drummer


Open Mic Blog Highlights by Alan Monasch:

The electricity in advance of the Red Devil Lounge Open Mic last week, January 29, was almost visible in the air outside on the line. So many things came together to make it that way: The first, as always, was the energy and affability of the host, of which more later, but others included (but were certainly not limited to): The return of Julie Mayhew from her trip to Thailand and her Newtown song, Hyejin Yu’s beautiful original song on piano, José Antonio Juarez with his great rendering of “Stand By Me” and his Spanish-language original song, Patrick McCauley, both in his own guitar set and as singer for his remarkable hip-hop artist friend Austin, Salem’s metal stylings on electric guitar, Gary Adler’s pro set, another fine outing by Wesley Woo, Ryan Clark contributing cajon to Bill Fried’s wonderful set and Bill returning the favor by playing with the much-missed Obstacle Course, and David Colón’s (he is tonight’s featured performer!) brilliant KC Turner Songwriting Club entry! And hear this: Gumbo Dave’s stuffed bread is a major innovation and remains a big hit with the hungry hordes!

If you would like to see photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM  – If you are interested in performing on a Tuesday, please see performer info.



(As always, I had to leave early to make the last train home (hello, Jefferson Bergey! I was so relieved to see you and hope you were relieved as well!) such that I missed so many sets that I would have very much liked to see, but I heard that the Sugar Ponies were going to give up one of their two songs to someone who would not have gotten to play otherwise, and that, friends, is our community at its finest.)

And Brentando. As he himself said at some point, even though we opened up the mezzanine again tonight (which contributed mightily to the lively atmosphere!), the power and passion of Brent’s singing and guitar playing would have hit the farthest reaches of the balcony even if he had not had a microphone! There is just no one like him. You had to hear the large crowd singing the “Hey yeh!” portion of “Bona Fide” to truly feel the connection between Brentando and his audience, between him and his Red Devil community.


KC Turner‘s energy lit up the room even more dazzlingly than the laser lit the fourth disco ball, and his prizes (hello, glass-shard-encrusted miniature disco ball thrown into the audience like a garter at a wedding!) and notification of the Red Devil ticket contest made it feel like New Year’s Eve all over again.

We have the there-are-not-enough-superlatives-for-him Trent Boeschen on house drums tonight and as I said, David Colón featured, and the buzz is already building! So buzz our building tonight! The line forms on the right!