Open Mic February/end of January 2013 Newsletter

Open Mic February/end of January 2013 Newsletter


Your Red Devil Lounge Open Mic, The. Hottest. Open. Mic. In. The. City, is the extra fun place to fall by this week.  Bring your friends out and show them that Tuesday is the new Friday! This final Tuesday of January, the 29th, features the huge voice and the “joyous revelry” of a performance by our own Brentando, who always kicks the place into high gear. As always, there are drink specials, Gumbo Dave will be in with his NOLAlicious noshery, and host KC Turner is right: the lighting is impossible to look bad in!

Here’s a little look into the near future: February will see featured performances by David Colón on the 5th, Lauren O’Connell (video below) on the 12th, Jean Marc on the 19th and Jesse Brewster and Cyndi Harvell on the 26th.

February 5 will also be the next night to play with the house drummer, and that’s always an exciting time, with everyone’s music elevated at least a notch or two.

Please remember that February 12 is one of our most popular theme nights, Collaboration Night! Play as a duo or trio with someone you met at Red Devil open mic or anywhere – play a cover, or do a remix of some of your own songs. No matter how it goes, we wanna see some teamwork!


If you haven’t been by in a while, come on back, and if you haven’t brought anyone new, now is the time!


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