Thank you all for a wonderful year! 2013 here we come!

The excitement is building for the 2013 kickoff of the Red Devil Open Mic! 


2013 is going to be a marker year for the Red Devil open mic! More ponies! More bears! More KC Turner, the most genial host and ringmaster an open mic ever had! More balls! (Disco, of course!) More fog! More banh mi, more gumbo, more bar specials! More nights with the incomparable Trent Boeschen on house drums, bringing the energy! And seriously, more of the best local music from more of the best musicians, meaning More YOU! More inspired and inspiring musical moments, more unexpected hilarity, more friendship and more fun! And more of the strong, warm, open, connected, welcoming open mic and music community we have built here on Tuesdays at the Red Devil Lounge!



Our first night of the new year will be on Tuesday, January 8th. Please join us on line (by which I mean come down and meet your friends on the line 🙂 ) for a night that features Gyasi Ross, whose hip-hop inflected, John Mayer/John Legend/Jason Mraz/The Roots-influenced acoustic guitar songs are sure to delight!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making 2012 the successful and joyful year it was, and for making this event the most loving and rocking meeting and playing place in San Francisco! We hope to see you here every week!

Your friends at Red Devil Lounge open mic


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