Cover Elvis Presley, Jesse Montes Featured, Vote for Peter Chung!

Hello Open Mic’ers!

We were all on our toes last Tuesday as we watched the Presidential Election unfold before our open mic eyes!  At the end though there were smiles and cheers in the crowd.  I was particularly happy because we got to turn the damn T.V.s off and focus on live music!  It was an epic night of performances.  People sounded so great and we had some new faces too!  Dawn from Pacifica had her first appearance at Red Devil and it just so happened to be her Birthday!  We all sang Happy Birthday to her at the top of our lungs.  Yahoo!

If you would like to see all of the photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM  – If you are interested in performing on a Tuesday, please see performer info.

This coming Tuesday is “cover Elvis Presley night”.  Sing like the king, and maybe bring some hound-dog dance moves!  Of course no one is obligated to take part, but it sure is fun when you do.  Plus you get to listen to some great songs and learn some new chops.  Give it a shot and play us an Elvis tune on Tuesday 🙂

Featured this Tuesday is Jesse Montes! Jesse is a fantastic guitarist that will blow your mind with the speed he can jam!  He goes on at 9pm sharp and plays for 30min.


Amazing singer/songwriter, dear friend, and open mic regular Peter Chung needs our vote!  He is competing in a talent competition that is voter based.  It’s really simple:

1. Register To Vote HERE

2. Vote For Peter Chung HERE

Thank you for supporting the Red Devil Lounge open mic every Tuesday!

i like you.

KC Turner (Your Host)

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