This Tuesday! Cover Willie Nelson, Jefferson Bergey featured

Hello Open Mic’ers!

Our Halloween party at Red Devil open mic last week was so much fun!  We had some spooky songs, amazing costumes and big smiles.  Thank you all for making it a great night!

If you would like to see all of the photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM  – If you are interested in performing on a Tuesday, please see performer info.

Here is a great/scary shot of John Elliott by our favorite photographer, Emily Sevin

This coming Tuesday  (11/6) is going to be a very special night.  It’s “Cover Willie Nelson” night!  Of course no one is obligated to take part, but we are encouraging you folks to learn/cover a Willie Nelson song and even dress the part!  I think this is going to be a great night!  You can’t go wrong listening to some Willie Nelson songs all night, he is a legend!

Featured this Tuesday is Jefferson Bergey!  Learn all about Jefferson HERE.

Thank you for supporting the Red Devil Lounge open mic every Tuesday!

I like you.

Your Host,

KC Turner

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