Halloween Open Mic Party with house drummer + More themed nights!

Hello Open Mic’ers!

First off, to see the photos from last week’s open mic, find us on Facebook.  The recordings of the night are up at kcturnerpresents.com

Tuesday October 30th will be our Halloween Costume Party.  Everyone is encouraged to dress up and play a scary song!  Maybe the ghost(s) of Red Devil Lounge will come out for this one.  Of course you aren’t obligated to take part, we would love to hear you either way!

To add to the radness of the Halloween theme, our good buddy Trent will be on house drums!  He is one of the best drummers I know and has some tasty beats to add to your set.  You are going to freak when you see/hear how amazing he is.

Featured this Tuesday is Patrick McCauley!

We have added some more themed nights in the coming weeks!  See the schedule below and CLICK HERE to learn more!

Tuesday November 6 – Cover a Willie Nelson song

Tuesday November 13 – Cover a Elvis Presley song

Tuesday November 20 – Collaboration night. Play as a duo or trio with someone you met at Red Devil open mic.

Tuesday November 27 – Cover Your Friend

KC Turner

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