100+, Good Energy, Prepare for 2 Year Anniversary on 9/11!

Red Devil Open Mic Highlights 8/28/2012

Hi Everyone! Just a quick note from me, your host, KC Turner.  Please mark your calendars for Tuesday September 11th.  This will be the 2 year anniversary of Red Devil Lounge Open Mic!  So many exciting things on this night…to name a few: we are going till 1:30am, House Drummer Trent will be keeping the beat, Banh Mi served, $3 draft beer all night, Jasmine Pritchard will be featured and much much more!

Tuesday August 28th in the words of Alan Monasch:

A full list and a crowd of over one hundred, with old friends and music community
stalwarts (Jasmine Pritchard, Gentry Bronson, The Sugar Ponies as in Suzanne Kramer
and Michael McGovern, Nathan Dennen) bumping up the energy level, the Red Devil was
very much the place to be this Tuesday night! Things got off to an unusual start as
a huge bus with an unusually-named driver made contact with the front tire of Brent
Shinn’s motorcycle. Happily, no damage was done, and later Brent provided the
sweetest moment of the evening when, in addition to his own set, he accompanied his
friend on the tune she sang.

The jazz-tinged contingent was out in force as Patrick McCauley,
Jean Marc Enriquez and Peter Chung did early-evening sets. Patrick’s songs
particularly impressed with their strong choruses and inspired lyrics. Peter was his
usual smooth, professional self, playing fast repeated figures on the guitar, and
Jean Marc molded complex chord progressions into perfect underpinnings for his
soulful voice. And Marc & Liz, who did “Sinner Man”…There was magic there, in the simple
beauty of the playing and the vocals.

Patrick McCauley (above)

Peter Chung (above)

Marc & Liz (above)

Collective W was in the house and they carried one of the themes of the night,
singers with DJs working the tracks; they rocked and captured the crowd’s attention
as usual. Brentando again nailed my two favorites of his, “Tall Coffee” and “Bona
Fide,” and Brent Shinn reprised “Mother Nature,” which sounds better each time
through and reveals new little edges. And I look forward to his new tune “Hey,
[insert bus driver’s name here, initials M and F], You Hit My Bike!”

Collective W (above)

Brentando (above)

Brent Shinn (above)

Ashkon: The featured performer’s first tune caught everyone by surprise and
delivered big delight, with Ashkon rapping over his acoustic guitar, followed by a
lyrical piece that banked on Ashkon’s sensational singing. Yes, he had a big hit
with his song about the Giants in 2010, which he played late in his set, but his
beautiful, strong voice, his rhythmic and melodic sensibilities and the work of his
DJ on the beats combined to make a different kind of performance, a new form, not
hip-hop but not NOT hip-hop, either, that was at once modern, highly entertaining,
passionate and professional. The conversations I heard after Ashkon’s set let me
know that people responded to the innovativeness and skill of the star of the

Ashkon (above)

Liz O brought her bubbly energy and comedic expertise to “Mule Named Sal” and
promoted her upcoming boppitalicious show, and Salem demonstrated his versatility by
doing two non-electric-metal songs on steel-string acoustic after his outing on
classical nylon-string last week. I had to leave early to catch the last train, but
by the time I left there had been enough wonderful music to last me until next
Tuesday, and I look forward!

Alan Monasch

Liz O (above)

Alan Monasch (above)

If you would like to see all of the photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

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