Prisma Trova, DeTour and So Much More! Next: Ashkon featured 8/28

Red Devil Open Mic Highlights by Alan Monasch 8/21/2012

We were all downstairs this week during the renovation at the Red Devil, and it made
us a cozy group as we welcomed newcomers including Chris Avetta from San Diego on guitar and banjo, and Prisma Trova from Santa Rosa.

Prisma Trova riveted the crowd’s attention with their internationally-flavored pieces for
acoustic guitar and one or two voices, and they distinguished themselves by covering
Edith Piaf, undoubtedly a Red Devil Open Mic first, and doing it soulfully and
beautifully. The audience really heard and responded to this expertly-presented and
captivating music. Also wowing the crowd was the rasgueado strumming and the
self-described combination of Spanish, hip-hop and reggae elements on nylon-string
acoustic by Jesse Montes.

Prisma Trova (above)

Jesse Montes (above)

And there were star turns by our regulars, including a rousing pair of songs after
the feature by Brentando, and it is a measure of his growing impact that the crowd
could sing along with his hit, “Bona Fide,” which we did with gusto and much “Hey
Yeh, hey yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh!” and two very affecting songs by Toy Yamaji, now
known (at least by me) as La Toy. Roem Baur dropped by to do a song just before the
feature and to promote his Thursday full-band outing, accompanied to excellent
effect by his trombonist Christian on a rousing rhythmic number that left us wanting
more. The Yes Machine that is Donovan Plant reached back into his songbook for one
and delighted me by asking me to accompany him on the song of his I love most, “The
Universe Is A Yes Machine.” Rach W put aside her work with Collective W to deliver
two subdued but emotionally potent songs on acoustic guitar.

Brentando (above)

Toy Yamaji (above)

Roem Baur (above)

Rach W. (above)

DeTour: I’ve said before that DeTour is at the center of my own personal rap
renaissance. Like the rest of his fans, and there was a large group that came in to
see and support him, I was drawn to the front of the stage to listen, to make noise,
to nod hard in agreement with what DeTour was putting out, his energetic,
from-the-heart, strong-rhyming, rich-vocabularied, passionate statement of who he is
and what he believes. He stalked the stage and commanded it, as always, handling
technical matters with grace, building from slow beats (including an innovative use
of a Paul Simon sample from the bridge of “Still Crazy After All These Years”) to a
crescendo in his last tune, one he says he likes performing most, all raging energy,
mind and heart. I am a confirmed rap fan now and DeTour’s music is the reason. He
reminded us that his music is at

DeTour (above)

There was, as always, so much more. The aforementioned Tommy rendered two songs with
notably clever lyrics. Pam Bennett came from the heart as always, Liz O reprised
“Hot Damn,” Salem delivered on two classical guitar pieces and Addison Nimrod
gleefully and demonically induced seizures with his electrifying metal stylings,
aided and abetted by Brian on stroboscopic light emulation. And Julie Mayhew again
strapped it on, adding a fine new song to her oeuvre and building performance

Salem (above)

Addison Nimrod (above)

Julie Mayhew (above)

Pam Bennett (above)

It was a musically satisfying night and a great time was clearly had by all. And we
will do it again next week!


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Singer Songwriter Performance Tip Of The Week

Featured on Tuesday August 28th is ASHKON

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