Donovan, Anna’s last night, We love house drummers

Red Devil Lounge Open Mic Highlights 8/14/12 – Photos by Emily Sevin

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This was an extraordinary night of music. As often happens when Trent Boeschen,
house drummer, is playing, everyone’s music was up a notch or two. DeTour and Trent
are on a wavelength. Two aggregations, the Sugar Ponies (now with Julie Mayhew’s
battle cry, “Pony, Pony, Pony Time!”) and Mario Di Sandro (accompanied by, uh, me)
each performed a song by much-missed Thunderegg (Will Georgantas), and there was “The Follow” from Columbia Missouri (KC’s hometown) who positively killed it. Mick
Shaffer did two older songs of his that were so good that people hoped he would add
them to his regular repertoire. And there was much, much more.

House Drummer Trent (above)

The Follow (from Columbia, MO) (above)

Salem (above)

Tuesday’s featured performer was Donovan Plant. The foundation of his
music is his songwriting, songs strong and heartfelt and as open as the San
Francisco sky, as open as his own real self. The songs are rhythmically captivating
and melodically memorable and eminently listenable, and Donovan delivers even the
most complex of them with such ease, in both his playing and his singing. His
connection with the audience is exquisite and his stage presence is both engagingly
vulnerable and commanding. Donovan’s willingness, eagerness, to collaborate with
others (bass player Nick Gutierrez, singers Sam Whitehouse and Barton, Trent
Boeschen on drums of course, and even me) gives us a way to support each other’s
music very directly, in a way that moves us all forward.

Donovan & Sam (above)

Donovan’s song “The Universe Is A Yes Machine” is an achievement in itself, part
real autobiography, part inspiring and uplifting philosophy and all good music, a
hit with heart.

 In the future, people will ask, “Were you at the Red Devil the night
Julie Mayhew sang her own song on stage for the first time?” This is our community.
Everyone knew that Julie was about to perform the first song she had written.
Everyone knew what a milestone this was for her. So many people moved toward the
front of the stage, pressed forward, listened intently, and could not contain their
love, their enthusiasm, their connection with Julie and the dream she was in the
process of realizing. There were tears, on stage and in the audience, and there was
cheering. Julie’s song was beautiful; Julie herself was even more beautiful, and she
and the audience, our community, shone with the gold of being at its very best.

Julie (above)

Alan Monasch

Hi, KC Turner here…I want to thank Alan Monasch for sharing his words on the night! I love that man dearly 🙂  I also want to thank Anna for being the best bartender ever. This past Tuesday was her final night with us at open mic.  Her school schedule is priority and we all wish her the best!  Thank you Anna!

Anna (above)

Check out this short video of our awesome crowd this past Tuesday!

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  1. Toy Yamaji from Toy House

     /  August 20, 2012

    Salem shone like an armor last Tuesday!! I love to play with Trent. He’s great!! I feel like as if I’m cheating Dean, the drummer of my band, Toy House(>_<)! We all miss Anna.

  2. Correction: The singer with Donovan Plant that night is named LeBaron, I believe. I regret the error.


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