Highlights from 8/7 Open Mic! Next Week: House Drummer, Donovan Plant featured

The Red Devil Lounge open mic 08/07/2012 – Photos by Emily Sevin

Tuesday was “Cover The Song You Hate The Most Night”.  There are 3 epic highlights from that.  #1 The first song of the night was “Holly Jolly Christmas”.  #2 The song “Call Me Maybe” was covered 3 times.  #3 The third time “Call Me Maybe” was covered, it was done screamo/heavy metal style by Addison Nimrod.  Photo below.

Here is a recap of the night by Red Devil Open Mic regular, Alan Monasch

In recent weeks we have had a night that without advance planning focused on heavy metal music and at least one that featured rap and hip-hop, and these were musically riveting nights. Last night jazz-inflected, rhythmic songcraft was at the top of the menu, with performers like Jean-Marc, Levi Levitt and Sean Tabor, and certainly Sam Rogers, and they are most emphatically not the only practitioners. It’s a genre that is gaining popularity with audiences in general, who seem to be demanding music with a little more complexity in both the lyrics and the music. It clearly has traction at the Red Devil open mic, where people like Kate Kilbane (with Dan Moses), Peter Chung and Fargus have caught the attention of the crowd recently.

Jean Marc (above)

Levi Levitt (above)

Sean Tabor (above)

One Mouth Band: Sam Rogers is as many-layered as his incredible looping-pedal creations. He shows one side of his abilities when he, using his voice alone,  jumps in to provide simultaneous bass AND percussion for Sean Tabor’s songs, distinguishing himself as an accompanist and collaborator (and proving to be a true supporter of our open-mic community ethic.)

Sam Rogers, “One Mouth Band” (above)

I will tell you that during Sam’s feature I turned to Roem Baur and said “If there is a Grammy for looping-pedal use, Sam gets it.” The layers of Sam’s talent include an ability to produce music and percussion together using only his voice, a sophisticated and keen sense of rhythm and pulse, a range of effective, musical vocal tones from deep bass through high falsetto, a beautiful natural singing voice, a facility for doing multi-part harmony, an other-worldly way of imitating cymbals perfectly, an ability to arrange on the fly and dexterity in using the looping pedal strapped to his side, by touch! Add to that his songs, which are notable on their own, including a political/social piece that had audience members (me, for one) shouting “Right on!” Complexity, accessibility, attractive groove and jaw-dropping technique are the hallmarks of One Mouth Band’s music.

And as is the way with the most spectacular performers I know from the open mic, Sam
is a genuinely good, friendly, open, unpretentious human.


Alan Monasch (above)

I want to thank Alan for his take on the night! Also, thank you all for once again making Red Devil Lounge feel like home on a Tuesday! I hope to see you all next week when we invite back our house drummer Trent! Featured is Donovan Plant.

If you would like to see all of the photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

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