Cover the song you hate most PLUS Emily Sevin in the house

Tuesday July 31, 2012 Highlights and More!

Hi, it’s your Red Devil Lounge open mic host, KC Turner.  Here are some brief highlights from this past Tuesday’s open mic night!  Check out that line above!  Sexy stuff!!

Professional photographer Emily Sevin joined us once again last Tuesday!  She has such an amazing eye and we hope to have her back as much as possible.  In fact, she has already agreed to come back this next Tuesday!  Below are a few photos that she captured from the night.  If you would like to see all of the photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Next Tuesday (August 7th) we have a fun theme planned.  “Cover the song you hate the most night“!  I think this will be a lot of fun.  Of course no one is obligated to take part.  To view/plan for upcoming special events see the schedule HERE.

Something new and different we have been doing is opening all the curtains in the club.  It really brightens up the room and keeps the vampires out :-).  Looks nice right?

I got to fulfill a rock n’roll dream by throwing a guitar pick out into the audience.  Any real rock star does this night after night…well it was my first time…it went about 2 feet.

Roem Baur and his big voice/sexy guitar graced our presence.  He is working full-force to promote his big band show at Brick and Mortar Music Hall here in San Francisco.  It’s on Thursday August 23rd and I highly recommend you going.  In fact, it’s going to sell out and you should grab your tickets now RIGHT HERE!

Kenny Schick came back again from Boulder Creek!  That is a long drive.  It was a very special performance.  He only played one song, but it consisted of guitar AND saxophone.  It was a new sound for all of us and it rocked!  We added a touch of fog machine mid song and it all came to life!  In fact, I am going to listen to that recording again!

Mario Di Sandro has been featured in our blog a few times now.  BUT, I had to feature him again for a few reasons… 1) He comes every week and his performance gets better and better each time.  This past Tuesday though, I think he just killed it.  His best performance for sure.  2) This photo is bad ass and it needed to be featured!  You rock Mario!

Nick Guzman and his bass player Paul cruised up from Saratoga.  This was a crowd favorite performance.  They had the entire club stompin’ and clappin’ along.  Smiles all around!

Here is a great shot of San Francisco open mic house hold name Ryan Clark A.K.A. “Obstacle Course“.  He was here to promote his big show at the Lost Church which happened on Thursday August 2nd.  Word on the street is that it was an awesome packed show!  Be sure to catch him and his beard around town.

Ali Handal was our featured performer.  WOW.  I mean WOW.  Thanks for reminding me that I need to practice my guitar Ali.  She is currently touring the West Coast!  Don’t miss her next time she is in San Francisco.

A new face to the Red Devil open mic is Paris Hayes!  She was great and brought in some really nice people.  She is promoting her new CD which you can see nicely displayed on the stage above.

One of my personal favorites of the night was the roots sound of the Dull Richards.  Nothing beats the knee slappin’ sound of a banjo.

Gyasi closed us out.  Usually by the midnight mark I am beat and ready for bed…but not this time.  I wanted Gyasi to play all night.  He is so freakin’ good and perhaps the nicest dude I have met.  Hope he comes back next week!

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

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