100+, Good Energy, Prepare for 2 Year Anniversary on 9/11!

Red Devil Open Mic Highlights 8/28/2012

Hi Everyone! Just a quick note from me, your host, KC Turner.  Please mark your calendars for Tuesday September 11th.  This will be the 2 year anniversary of Red Devil Lounge Open Mic!  So many exciting things on this night…to name a few: we are going till 1:30am, House Drummer Trent will be keeping the beat, Banh Mi served, $3 draft beer all night, Jasmine Pritchard will be featured and much much more!

Tuesday August 28th in the words of Alan Monasch:

A full list and a crowd of over one hundred, with old friends and music community
stalwarts (Jasmine Pritchard, Gentry Bronson, The Sugar Ponies as in Suzanne Kramer
and Michael McGovern, Nathan Dennen) bumping up the energy level, the Red Devil was
very much the place to be this Tuesday night! Things got off to an unusual start as
a huge bus with an unusually-named driver made contact with the front tire of Brent
Shinn’s motorcycle. Happily, no damage was done, and later Brent provided the
sweetest moment of the evening when, in addition to his own set, he accompanied his
friend on the tune she sang.

The jazz-tinged contingent was out in force as Patrick McCauley,
Jean Marc Enriquez and Peter Chung did early-evening sets. Patrick’s songs
particularly impressed with their strong choruses and inspired lyrics. Peter was his
usual smooth, professional self, playing fast repeated figures on the guitar, and
Jean Marc molded complex chord progressions into perfect underpinnings for his
soulful voice. And Marc & Liz, who did “Sinner Man”…There was magic there, in the simple
beauty of the playing and the vocals.

Patrick McCauley (above)

Peter Chung (above)

Marc & Liz (above)

Collective W was in the house and they carried one of the themes of the night,
singers with DJs working the tracks; they rocked and captured the crowd’s attention
as usual. Brentando again nailed my two favorites of his, “Tall Coffee” and “Bona
Fide,” and Brent Shinn reprised “Mother Nature,” which sounds better each time
through and reveals new little edges. And I look forward to his new tune “Hey,
[insert bus driver’s name here, initials M and F], You Hit My Bike!”

Collective W (above)

Brentando (above)

Brent Shinn (above)

Ashkon: The featured performer’s first tune caught everyone by surprise and
delivered big delight, with Ashkon rapping over his acoustic guitar, followed by a
lyrical piece that banked on Ashkon’s sensational singing. Yes, he had a big hit
with his song about the Giants in 2010, which he played late in his set, but his
beautiful, strong voice, his rhythmic and melodic sensibilities and the work of his
DJ on the beats combined to make a different kind of performance, a new form, not
hip-hop but not NOT hip-hop, either, that was at once modern, highly entertaining,
passionate and professional. The conversations I heard after Ashkon’s set let me
know that people responded to the innovativeness and skill of the star of the

Ashkon (above)

Liz O brought her bubbly energy and comedic expertise to “Mule Named Sal” and
promoted her upcoming boppitalicious show, and Salem demonstrated his versatility by
doing two non-electric-metal songs on steel-string acoustic after his outing on
classical nylon-string last week. I had to leave early to catch the last train, but
by the time I left there had been enough wonderful music to last me until next
Tuesday, and I look forward!

Alan Monasch

Liz O (above)

Alan Monasch (above)

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Singer Songwriter Performance Tip Of The Week


Prisma Trova, DeTour and So Much More! Next: Ashkon featured 8/28

Red Devil Open Mic Highlights by Alan Monasch 8/21/2012

We were all downstairs this week during the renovation at the Red Devil, and it made
us a cozy group as we welcomed newcomers including Chris Avetta from San Diego on guitar and banjo, and Prisma Trova from Santa Rosa.

Prisma Trova riveted the crowd’s attention with their internationally-flavored pieces for
acoustic guitar and one or two voices, and they distinguished themselves by covering
Edith Piaf, undoubtedly a Red Devil Open Mic first, and doing it soulfully and
beautifully. The audience really heard and responded to this expertly-presented and
captivating music. Also wowing the crowd was the rasgueado strumming and the
self-described combination of Spanish, hip-hop and reggae elements on nylon-string
acoustic by Jesse Montes.

Prisma Trova (above)

Jesse Montes (above)

And there were star turns by our regulars, including a rousing pair of songs after
the feature by Brentando, and it is a measure of his growing impact that the crowd
could sing along with his hit, “Bona Fide,” which we did with gusto and much “Hey
Yeh, hey yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh!” and two very affecting songs by Toy Yamaji, now
known (at least by me) as La Toy. Roem Baur dropped by to do a song just before the
feature and to promote his Thursday full-band outing, accompanied to excellent
effect by his trombonist Christian on a rousing rhythmic number that left us wanting
more. The Yes Machine that is Donovan Plant reached back into his songbook for one
and delighted me by asking me to accompany him on the song of his I love most, “The
Universe Is A Yes Machine.” Rach W put aside her work with Collective W to deliver
two subdued but emotionally potent songs on acoustic guitar.

Brentando (above)

Toy Yamaji (above)

Roem Baur (above)

Rach W. (above)

DeTour: I’ve said before that DeTour is at the center of my own personal rap
renaissance. Like the rest of his fans, and there was a large group that came in to
see and support him, I was drawn to the front of the stage to listen, to make noise,
to nod hard in agreement with what DeTour was putting out, his energetic,
from-the-heart, strong-rhyming, rich-vocabularied, passionate statement of who he is
and what he believes. He stalked the stage and commanded it, as always, handling
technical matters with grace, building from slow beats (including an innovative use
of a Paul Simon sample from the bridge of “Still Crazy After All These Years”) to a
crescendo in his last tune, one he says he likes performing most, all raging energy,
mind and heart. I am a confirmed rap fan now and DeTour’s music is the reason. He
reminded us that his music is at http://www.soundcloud.com/detoursf.

DeTour (above)

There was, as always, so much more. The aforementioned Tommy rendered two songs with
notably clever lyrics. Pam Bennett came from the heart as always, Liz O reprised
“Hot Damn,” Salem delivered on two classical guitar pieces and Addison Nimrod
gleefully and demonically induced seizures with his electrifying metal stylings,
aided and abetted by Brian on stroboscopic light emulation. And Julie Mayhew again
strapped it on, adding a fine new song to her oeuvre and building performance

Salem (above)

Addison Nimrod (above)

Julie Mayhew (above)

Pam Bennett (above)

It was a musically satisfying night and a great time was clearly had by all. And we
will do it again next week!


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Singer Songwriter Performance Tip Of The Week

Featured on Tuesday August 28th is ASHKON

Donovan, Anna’s last night, We love house drummers

Red Devil Lounge Open Mic Highlights 8/14/12 – Photos by Emily Sevin

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This was an extraordinary night of music. As often happens when Trent Boeschen,
house drummer, is playing, everyone’s music was up a notch or two. DeTour and Trent
are on a wavelength. Two aggregations, the Sugar Ponies (now with Julie Mayhew’s
battle cry, “Pony, Pony, Pony Time!”) and Mario Di Sandro (accompanied by, uh, me)
each performed a song by much-missed Thunderegg (Will Georgantas), and there was “The Follow” from Columbia Missouri (KC’s hometown) who positively killed it. Mick
Shaffer did two older songs of his that were so good that people hoped he would add
them to his regular repertoire. And there was much, much more.

House Drummer Trent (above)

The Follow (from Columbia, MO) (above)

Salem (above)

Tuesday’s featured performer was Donovan Plant. The foundation of his
music is his songwriting, songs strong and heartfelt and as open as the San
Francisco sky, as open as his own real self. The songs are rhythmically captivating
and melodically memorable and eminently listenable, and Donovan delivers even the
most complex of them with such ease, in both his playing and his singing. His
connection with the audience is exquisite and his stage presence is both engagingly
vulnerable and commanding. Donovan’s willingness, eagerness, to collaborate with
others (bass player Nick Gutierrez, singers Sam Whitehouse and Barton, Trent
Boeschen on drums of course, and even me) gives us a way to support each other’s
music very directly, in a way that moves us all forward.

Donovan & Sam (above)

Donovan’s song “The Universe Is A Yes Machine” is an achievement in itself, part
real autobiography, part inspiring and uplifting philosophy and all good music, a
hit with heart.

 In the future, people will ask, “Were you at the Red Devil the night
Julie Mayhew sang her own song on stage for the first time?” This is our community.
Everyone knew that Julie was about to perform the first song she had written.
Everyone knew what a milestone this was for her. So many people moved toward the
front of the stage, pressed forward, listened intently, and could not contain their
love, their enthusiasm, their connection with Julie and the dream she was in the
process of realizing. There were tears, on stage and in the audience, and there was
cheering. Julie’s song was beautiful; Julie herself was even more beautiful, and she
and the audience, our community, shone with the gold of being at its very best.

Julie (above)

Alan Monasch

Hi, KC Turner here…I want to thank Alan Monasch for sharing his words on the night! I love that man dearly 🙂  I also want to thank Anna for being the best bartender ever. This past Tuesday was her final night with us at open mic.  Her school schedule is priority and we all wish her the best!  Thank you Anna!

Anna (above)

Check out this short video of our awesome crowd this past Tuesday!

Highlights from 8/7 Open Mic! Next Week: House Drummer, Donovan Plant featured

The Red Devil Lounge open mic 08/07/2012 – Photos by Emily Sevin

Tuesday was “Cover The Song You Hate The Most Night”.  There are 3 epic highlights from that.  #1 The first song of the night was “Holly Jolly Christmas”.  #2 The song “Call Me Maybe” was covered 3 times.  #3 The third time “Call Me Maybe” was covered, it was done screamo/heavy metal style by Addison Nimrod.  Photo below.

Here is a recap of the night by Red Devil Open Mic regular, Alan Monasch

In recent weeks we have had a night that without advance planning focused on heavy metal music and at least one that featured rap and hip-hop, and these were musically riveting nights. Last night jazz-inflected, rhythmic songcraft was at the top of the menu, with performers like Jean-Marc, Levi Levitt and Sean Tabor, and certainly Sam Rogers, and they are most emphatically not the only practitioners. It’s a genre that is gaining popularity with audiences in general, who seem to be demanding music with a little more complexity in both the lyrics and the music. It clearly has traction at the Red Devil open mic, where people like Kate Kilbane (with Dan Moses), Peter Chung and Fargus have caught the attention of the crowd recently.

Jean Marc (above)

Levi Levitt (above)

Sean Tabor (above)

One Mouth Band: Sam Rogers is as many-layered as his incredible looping-pedal creations. He shows one side of his abilities when he, using his voice alone,  jumps in to provide simultaneous bass AND percussion for Sean Tabor’s songs, distinguishing himself as an accompanist and collaborator (and proving to be a true supporter of our open-mic community ethic.)

Sam Rogers, “One Mouth Band” (above)

I will tell you that during Sam’s feature I turned to Roem Baur and said “If there is a Grammy for looping-pedal use, Sam gets it.” The layers of Sam’s talent include an ability to produce music and percussion together using only his voice, a sophisticated and keen sense of rhythm and pulse, a range of effective, musical vocal tones from deep bass through high falsetto, a beautiful natural singing voice, a facility for doing multi-part harmony, an other-worldly way of imitating cymbals perfectly, an ability to arrange on the fly and dexterity in using the looping pedal strapped to his side, by touch! Add to that his songs, which are notable on their own, including a political/social piece that had audience members (me, for one) shouting “Right on!” Complexity, accessibility, attractive groove and jaw-dropping technique are the hallmarks of One Mouth Band’s music.

And as is the way with the most spectacular performers I know from the open mic, Sam
is a genuinely good, friendly, open, unpretentious human.


Alan Monasch (above)

I want to thank Alan for his take on the night! Also, thank you all for once again making Red Devil Lounge feel like home on a Tuesday! I hope to see you all next week when we invite back our house drummer Trent! Featured is Donovan Plant.

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Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

Cover the song you hate most PLUS Emily Sevin in the house

Tuesday July 31, 2012 Highlights and More!

Hi, it’s your Red Devil Lounge open mic host, KC Turner.  Here are some brief highlights from this past Tuesday’s open mic night!  Check out that line above!  Sexy stuff!!

Professional photographer Emily Sevin joined us once again last Tuesday!  She has such an amazing eye and we hope to have her back as much as possible.  In fact, she has already agreed to come back this next Tuesday!  Below are a few photos that she captured from the night.  If you would like to see all of the photos please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Next Tuesday (August 7th) we have a fun theme planned.  “Cover the song you hate the most night“!  I think this will be a lot of fun.  Of course no one is obligated to take part.  To view/plan for upcoming special events see the schedule HERE.

Something new and different we have been doing is opening all the curtains in the club.  It really brightens up the room and keeps the vampires out :-).  Looks nice right?

I got to fulfill a rock n’roll dream by throwing a guitar pick out into the audience.  Any real rock star does this night after night…well it was my first time…it went about 2 feet.

Roem Baur and his big voice/sexy guitar graced our presence.  He is working full-force to promote his big band show at Brick and Mortar Music Hall here in San Francisco.  It’s on Thursday August 23rd and I highly recommend you going.  In fact, it’s going to sell out and you should grab your tickets now RIGHT HERE!

Kenny Schick came back again from Boulder Creek!  That is a long drive.  It was a very special performance.  He only played one song, but it consisted of guitar AND saxophone.  It was a new sound for all of us and it rocked!  We added a touch of fog machine mid song and it all came to life!  In fact, I am going to listen to that recording again!

Mario Di Sandro has been featured in our blog a few times now.  BUT, I had to feature him again for a few reasons… 1) He comes every week and his performance gets better and better each time.  This past Tuesday though, I think he just killed it.  His best performance for sure.  2) This photo is bad ass and it needed to be featured!  You rock Mario!

Nick Guzman and his bass player Paul cruised up from Saratoga.  This was a crowd favorite performance.  They had the entire club stompin’ and clappin’ along.  Smiles all around!

Here is a great shot of San Francisco open mic house hold name Ryan Clark A.K.A. “Obstacle Course“.  He was here to promote his big show at the Lost Church which happened on Thursday August 2nd.  Word on the street is that it was an awesome packed show!  Be sure to catch him and his beard around town.

Ali Handal was our featured performer.  WOW.  I mean WOW.  Thanks for reminding me that I need to practice my guitar Ali.  She is currently touring the West Coast!  Don’t miss her next time she is in San Francisco.

A new face to the Red Devil open mic is Paris Hayes!  She was great and brought in some really nice people.  She is promoting her new CD which you can see nicely displayed on the stage above.

One of my personal favorites of the night was the roots sound of the Dull Richards.  Nothing beats the knee slappin’ sound of a banjo.

Gyasi closed us out.  Usually by the midnight mark I am beat and ready for bed…but not this time.  I wanted Gyasi to play all night.  He is so freakin’ good and perhaps the nicest dude I have met.  Hope he comes back next week!

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)