The 80s were rad, Banh Mi wins, Everyone knows the “Cheers” song

Here are some highlights from Tuesday July 24, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

Tuesday Night was 80’s night and we had a RADICAL time! We had a full list and some fun retro outfits…some were just ridiculously awesome.  About an hour into the night, I had sound man Dan put on the “Cheers” TV show theme song. Everyone sang along.. ”where everybody knows your name..and they’re always glad you came..” it was epic!

Our wonderful sound man, Dan Foldes, (who was decked out in a RUN DMC cropped tee, to rep 80’s hiphop and a Maribou Boa, ala David Bowie!!) was on hand to keep the 80’s music flowing in between performances. (eternal flame, anyone?) Who knew he was such a great D.J.?!

Red Devil open mic regular Peter Chung was also dressed in the category of “ridiculous” 🙂 – I asked him where he found pink flip flops and his answer… “Old Navy, Women’s size 11…bi*ch”.

We had a handful of Red Devil open mic newbies, yay! Here’s a bit about a couple of them.

First off, we had one half of the band Tree Fort the Family, Amanda Barrick. She came on stage all smiles, simply happy to be there and rocked our socks off with a couple of originals that were both catchy and with substance. She usually plays with her younger brother, and as soon as he’s old enough, (he turns 21 in December!) we hope he comes out and performs too!

Another newcomer to watch out for is Will Cotter, of the band Day Later. They come from Sonoma, CA and with his sweet words and smooth tunes, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of him and his band. Although he was unaware that it was 80’s night, he stayed from beginning to end and supported all of the performers. It was great to meet him!

Speaking of those who travel from far away, we had Rebecca and Gary, who came from San Jose. We were glad to hear them, and really enjoyed their songs. One of their songs was about a trip they took to Egypt! How is that not cool?

It was nice to welcome back Michael Steven who has been M.I.A. while working on his new album.  Here is his new single/music video, “Do Your Thing”.

We had Richie Cunning along with DJ Bad DJ featured and they seriously rapped our socks off! My favorite lyric was “You can’t get up to my level in a mother f*cking spacesuit”.  Nice.

Count Z-bop, tore it up on the keyboard.  Seriously, a jaw dropping performance.  He also was really sweet and supportive of everyone performing.  Someone told me that he was once the drummer for James Brown…Can anyone confirm this?

Finally, one of our last performers Ellisa caught the crowd’s attention with her very descriptive song about a hangover.  Her lyrics included “Its too much – don’t get to close cause I could throw it up”.  Clever song, but I’m glad dinner was over.

Our beloved sandwich girl Jessica, A.K.A. Banh Mi Love You Long Time, won her way into the San Francisco Street Food Festival with 650 votes! Thanks so much to our open mic crew who voted.  Enjoy her sandwiches this coming Tuesday!

Coming up next week we have Ali Handal as our featured performer.  Her music has been heard in countless movies and TV shows, and her performances have taken her around the world, from L.A. to Japan; she’s performed at Neverland Ranch, danced with Janet Jackson, sung on a Neil Young album, written with Paul Williams, had her hands filmed playing guitar in a Playboy video, and even demonstrated guitars several times on “The Price Is Right.” Seriously, “The Price is Right”…SEE HERE

Also joining us next week, is professional photographer Emily Sevin. She’ll be taking photos of the whole night, so get your smile ready 🙂

If you would like to see photos of each performer, please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

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