Trent on Drums, Out of Towners, Jasmine Sings, Dan has a beard

Here are some highlights from Tuesday July 17, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

 Hello there fine people!  KC Turner here, host of Red Devil Lounge open mic Tuesdays!  This past Tuesday was killer!  We had a few of touring/out of town folks come through and it made the night extra special.  These travelers felt right at home and it’s because of the amazing group of regulars we have.  Everyone was so welcoming 🙂 I am so proud to run an open mic that is filled with such great people, so thank you for representing!

Backing everyone up on July 17th was the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, house drummer, Trent!  Guess what I just found out?  Trent wants to come back more often!! Check the SPECIAL EVENTS tab for his upcoming dates at Red Devil open mic!  Oh man this makes me happy.  Seriously, one of the best drummers ever and we get him!  Follow Trent on Twitter/check out his website HERE.

Sonya Jevette was one of the final performers of the night and she was well worth the wait! She is currently on tour, originally from Dallas, Texas and we’re glad she stopped in. She has a booming, jazzy voice and some bluesy tunes. It was a pure joy to see her do her thing!

Patrick and Kyle cruised up from San Jose, CA (I’ve been noticing a lot of San Jose folks lately, yahoo!).  These guys brought the house down with their saxophone and sing-a-long howling song, “Howl at the Moon”.   Honestly I think this may have been our first Sax/Duo performance.  They had just the right amount of grit with the right amount of blues in their music…add Trent, our house drummer and you get dance your ass off amazing!

Robin Lovejoy has been to our Open Mic many times before with her project “Amalgamation”.  However, last night, Robin gave us a solo performance with our house drummer and she rocked it!

The Illusionists, an energetic rap duo from Eugene, are currently on the last leg of their mini tour with The Masked Avengers. They are really nice guys with really awesome music! From the first line of their first song, the room was filled with excitement and energy. They added some variety to the end of the night and definitely got the house rockin’ out…actually rappin’ out!

Kenny Schick drove all the way from Boulder Creek, CA to be with us on Tuesday!  This guys is sooo good.  He has been playing guitar and singing songs all of his life.  He is such a class act and a very talented recording engineer!  He mentioned to the audience that his skills are for hire, so if you would like to learn more then check out his website.  I highly recommend him!

We had a surprise appearance on Tuesday.  Jasmine Pritchard, who I think is everyone’s best friend, sang a song!  She is preparing for her big show at Acoustic Bistro this Monday July 23rd!  She sounded wonderful and we all can’t wait to support her on Monday!  For details GO HERE.


Our featured performer next week, July 24th is bay area rapper Richie Cunning. Richie is a good friend of all of us at Red Devil Open Mic, and though he rarely performs, he is actually really good! He has lyrics you can relate to, creative and real, and beats that get you swaying and dancing in no time. He transforms on stage from a lovable goofball into this hip hop mogul that lays down tracks that are sure to stick in your head!

Also, prepare for a TRULY OUTRAGEOUS good-time because this Tuesday is 80’s night!  Grab your friends, prep your side ponytail, plastic jewelry and leg warmers and sing some 80’s tunes!  Performers are encouraged to cover a song from the 1980’s.  Combo that with dressing the part and you get a shot of your choice for $1.

Upcoming Special Events:

Tuesday July 31st – Professional photographer, Emily Sevin will be on sight!

Tuesday August 7th – Cover The Song You Hate The Most Night

**Tuesday September 11th – 2 Year Anniversary**


“At your next big concert, DO NOT have confetti.  This is what it does to the stage monitors and guess who has to clean it out?” – Dan Foldes

If you would like to see photos of each performer, please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

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