Emily Sevin Photos, Garden Band, Kilbane, Detour

Here are some highlights from Tuesday July 10, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:


Well hello there!  KC Turner here, host of the Red Devil Lounge Open Mic which takes place every Tuesday!  Last Tuesday, July 10th was yet another fun night!  As usual the talent was vibrant and so were the smiles!  To add some special spice to the night, I invited one of San Francisco’s BEST photographers to shoot the night.  Her name is Emily Sevin.  Such a doll to work with and man does she know how to use a camera.  I can’t wait for her to come back.  I’ll list her next Red Devil appearance in the Special Events section.  The photos of the performers below were all shot by Emily.


There were so many great performances on the 10th.  I wish I could just blog about each one, but it would be a very long post.  The featured performer was The Garden Band!  These guys have created a sound of their own and everyone really seems to dig it.  With their tie-die image and 1970s attitude, they really rock.


Detour has been rapping at the Red Devil open mic EVERY Tuesday for months now.  He gets there right at 7pm, signs up and hangs out the whole night.  It’s so great to see someone give it their all and to be so supportive of all the other performers.  Thanks Detour!


Cochese and the Bean Burritos had a great sound, a cool name + I just had to show this photo.  Pretty rad huh?  I hope these guys come back next week because they had a nice energy.

Cochese and the Bean Burritos

A personal highlight was hearing Kate Kilbane and her husband Dan.  They are so freaking good.  It had been awhile.  Kate is for sure considered a regular, but it wasn’t long after I first saw her at Red Devil Open Mic that her calendar all of a sudden filled up with gigs week after week.  If you haven’t heard them live, then do yourself a favor and get your ass out to a show!  Thank me later!


Next week’s featured performer is our good friend Mick Shaffer!  He has the best stories and can shred the guitar!  I’m pretty sure that everyone loves this guy 🙂  We will also have Trent on house drums!


Singer Songwriter Performance Tip

If you would like to see photos of each performer, please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)


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