New Lights, Fog and a Kazoo

Here are some highlights from Tuesday June 26, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

We had our house drummer, Trent, last Tuesday and he created a rockstar vibe, along with… – get this: New lighting and A FOG MACHINE!  Adding fog to the open mic for sure makes us all look even sexier.  Not only does our fourth disco ball have new lighting.. It now has its own icon on the computer up in the sound booth!  See photos below…

House Drummer Trent Boeschen (He will be back on July 17th) (Above)

Click this for the magic! (Above)

New 4th Disco Ball light! (Above)

Fog Machine in action! (Above)

Moving on to the sound part of the evening..

The memorable performances started early with our good friend and fun performer Liz O coming to the stage. She had an impromptu Kazoo accompaniment (our first ever) by Patrick McCanley.  It was also Patrick’s first time at Red Devil Lounge open mic.  He performed later on and was wonderful!  Welcome Patrick!

Everyone has been wondering where regular open mic performer Rach W. has been hiding out.  Well, on Tuesday she came out of hiding and revealed what she has been up to!  Rach has joined forces with Ian Vianu to create a fresh new sound.  They call their project “Collective W” and it was AWESOME! (See photo below)

Finally, we featured our dear friend and great songwriter, Alan Monasch.  He was backed by Trent on drums and the amazing Dave on bass.  The band sounded so tight and simply killed it.  Alan is a sincere supporter of the local music scene so it was really great to support him!  We all loved it!

Here’s a sneak peak on whats in store for you next week:

We have a great addition to the music community as our featured performer next week, Peter Chung. Peter has won over our music loving hearts with his voice and danceable tunes. On top of that he is a sweet guy with a great story – new to the community and more than willing to meet friends. He is a true gem, full of talent, wit and just the right amount of kookiness to keep it interesting! Come check him out next week!

On the eats side of things, we have Gumbo Dave coming by next week, serving up his signature style of Cajun goodness! It keeps getting better and better and his gumbo and/or jambalaya is exactly the kick you need to get through your nerves!

Anna’s joke of the week:

Why did the promiscuous squirrel forget her own name?

Answer: Because She was fucking nuts!

“Acoustic Guitar Tones For Live Sound” by house engineer, Dan Foldes:

Try mic’ing the guitar whenever possible with a high quality small diaphragm condenser microphone.  Test your pick up through head phones to dial in your tone controls before performing live.  This will give you a good idea of what it will sound like through the PA.  If the sound is not satisfactory, then consider a new pick up.

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

P.S. – Thank you to Jasmine Pritchard who is 71% the reason these highlights make it to your eyes.

Recordings of the night can be heard at KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

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