Rockstar Mario, Banh Mi, 3 Keyboards and a Donut

Here are some Highlights from Tuesday June 12, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

It was the return of Jessica our favorite Banh Mi maker, and she sold out of her sandwiches in an hour! She was so glad to be back, and we were happy to have her! Dinner was goooood!

It was also good to see the Wise Fools again. They recently started coming to our Open Mic and yesterday was their 3rd week straight. They are, no doubt, unlike any other performers we’ve seen at Red Devil Open Mic, and their brand of music is highly entertaining. We are happy to have them join the community!

A personal favorite performance of the night for me came from Dane Ohri.  It was his first time performing at Red Devil Open Mic…in fact he just moved to San Francisco recently.  Welcome Dane!  Be sure to hear his recording and all the others here.

Another highlight of the night was when our good friend Mario Di Sandro came up on stage and jammed the S%*t out of his blue guitar. For those of you who don’t know Mario, he is one of the nicest, most soft-spoken rockstars out there. He is very apologetic – in fact, Will, from “Thunderegg” and him have a new pact – he has to pay Will a dollar every time he says “Sorry” for something he shouldn’t be sorry about. But last night Mario was on fire! He was cracking jokes, rocking out, saving the day and even got a little mosh pit started! Great way to close the night!!

The 3 Keyboard Performer.  The photo below explains it all.

Lastly, after we wrapped up, a handful of us went over to Bob’s Donuts for some hot fresh donuts (YUMMMM) and we discovered that they actually have a challenge that we weren’t previously aware of. See, they have this HUGE, GIANT, MONSTER donut – maybe 4 or 5 million donuts combined and if you can eat it all, plus a drink in 3 minutes or less, you get your money back ($7), a T-shirt, and your name on the wall of fame… Any challengers??  If so take a mini video and we will share it on the Red Devil Open Mic Facebook Page.

Here is a sneak peak to what’s in store for you open mic-ers next week

Tuesday, June 19th, is our second installment of our “Cover Your Friend” series, and we are looking forward to it. Plus, it is Open Mic Regular, Benjamin Brown’s birthday-feature, AAANNNNNNDD we have HOUSE DRUMMER Trent!! Sweeeet!

So the concept of Cover Your Friend night is pretty straight forward – You’ve made friends at our open mic – you’ve complimented and maybe even constructively criticized their music, and now, you get to put your spin on things!

Here is a look at one of our good friends, Brentando doing a cover or Ben Brown’s original song, “Damned” at our first “Cover Your Friend” Night!

 Anna’s joke of the week:

“What does the bartender give you to get into the bathroom at a bar?”

Bring the answer next week to Anna for $1 off 1 drink.

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

P.S. – Thank you to Jasmine Pritchard who is 50% the reason these highlights make it to your eyes.

Recordings of the night can be heard at KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

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