New Lights, Fog and a Kazoo

Here are some highlights from Tuesday June 26, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

We had our house drummer, Trent, last Tuesday and he created a rockstar vibe, along with… – get this: New lighting and A FOG MACHINE!  Adding fog to the open mic for sure makes us all look even sexier.  Not only does our fourth disco ball have new lighting.. It now has its own icon on the computer up in the sound booth!  See photos below…

House Drummer Trent Boeschen (He will be back on July 17th) (Above)

Click this for the magic! (Above)

New 4th Disco Ball light! (Above)

Fog Machine in action! (Above)

Moving on to the sound part of the evening..

The memorable performances started early with our good friend and fun performer Liz O coming to the stage. She had an impromptu Kazoo accompaniment (our first ever) by Patrick McCanley.  It was also Patrick’s first time at Red Devil Lounge open mic.  He performed later on and was wonderful!  Welcome Patrick!

Everyone has been wondering where regular open mic performer Rach W. has been hiding out.  Well, on Tuesday she came out of hiding and revealed what she has been up to!  Rach has joined forces with Ian Vianu to create a fresh new sound.  They call their project “Collective W” and it was AWESOME! (See photo below)

Finally, we featured our dear friend and great songwriter, Alan Monasch.  He was backed by Trent on drums and the amazing Dave on bass.  The band sounded so tight and simply killed it.  Alan is a sincere supporter of the local music scene so it was really great to support him!  We all loved it!

Here’s a sneak peak on whats in store for you next week:

We have a great addition to the music community as our featured performer next week, Peter Chung. Peter has won over our music loving hearts with his voice and danceable tunes. On top of that he is a sweet guy with a great story – new to the community and more than willing to meet friends. He is a true gem, full of talent, wit and just the right amount of kookiness to keep it interesting! Come check him out next week!

On the eats side of things, we have Gumbo Dave coming by next week, serving up his signature style of Cajun goodness! It keeps getting better and better and his gumbo and/or jambalaya is exactly the kick you need to get through your nerves!

Anna’s joke of the week:

Why did the promiscuous squirrel forget her own name?

Answer: Because She was fucking nuts!

“Acoustic Guitar Tones For Live Sound” by house engineer, Dan Foldes:

Try mic’ing the guitar whenever possible with a high quality small diaphragm condenser microphone.  Test your pick up through head phones to dial in your tone controls before performing live.  This will give you a good idea of what it will sound like through the PA.  If the sound is not satisfactory, then consider a new pick up.

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

P.S. – Thank you to Jasmine Pritchard who is 71% the reason these highlights make it to your eyes.

Recordings of the night can be heard at KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM


Covers, B-Days and Rock Faces

Here are some highlights from Tuesday June 19, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

Tuesday June 19th was a very special night!  Not only was it “cover your friend” night, but it also happened to be regular open mic’er, Benjamin Brown’s birthday/feature set!  If you make your rounds of the San Francisco open mics, you for sure have heard Ben.  With his vintage Gibson guitar and graveled voice, he has really made a name for himself.  We were proud to feature him on his birthday!

One of the sweetest moments of the evening came right before the birthday boy’s featured performance. As a surprise, his lovely girlfriend Sarah came up and performed the song “Sea of Love”.  He was in awe and the audience was mesmerized.  Uber cute doesn’t begin to describe the moment.

Tim Brochier, who is relatively new to the Red Devil Open Mic had an interesting performance – He is a bass player/rapper, but had problems with his instrument.  When he was unable to find another bass guitar to use in the audience, he abandoned his original plan and instead took advantage of our house drummer to perform freestyle hip-hop songs. It was a great performance and the fact that it was impromptu made it even cooler!

When it was time for Toy Yamaji to perform, I had Will from Thunderegg introduce her.  After all it was “Cover Your Friend” night so I had him cover me as host.  He told a fun story about how he first heard of Red Devil Open Mic that went a little something like this – He originally was in the neighborhood because he had a hankering for roasted chicken and potatoes. He had everything but the chicken, and he was on his way to buy one when he saw the line for our open mic. He decided to ignore his chicken cravings and waited in line to sign up instead.  Toy was right in front of him, and subsequently became his first open mic buddy. She explained the dynamics to him and helped him get settled in which we are thankful for because he’s been such a great addition to our community!

One of my absolute favorite things about the Red Devil Lounge open mic is that the performers are so diverse.  Sure, 9 out of 10 are singer/songwriters with an acoustic guitar (which I LOVE)…but, we are often graced with hip hop, spoken word and even heavy metal.  It really makes it a fun night to have a wave of different genre talent.  Below is a photo of one of our regulars, Addison Nimrod.  Judging by this photo and his sound, you probably wouldn’t guess that he is one of the kindest musicians we get on a regular basis….well he is and he fucking rocks!

Lastly, as I said, it was a “Cover Your Friend” themed night and a handful of performers took part in the fun. Mario Di Sandro, who is not only a talented performer/rock star, but also an awesome friend, covered one of my songs called “I Wanna Be Your Guy”.  You can hear it HERE

TUESDAY JUNE 26:  Gumbo Dave is back so come hungry for some Cajun cuisine!  Featured is musician/music enthusiast extraordinaire Alan Monasch.  He is truly one of the nicest people in this music community and we are psyched to feature him!

Anna’s joke of the week:

What do you call potato chips that wear sandals?

Answer: Free toes! (fritos!)

Bring the answer next week to Anna for $1 off 1 drink.

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

P.S. – Thank you to Jasmine Pritchard who is 86% the reason these highlights make it to your eyes.

Recordings of the night can be heard at KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Rockstar Mario, Banh Mi, 3 Keyboards and a Donut

Here are some Highlights from Tuesday June 12, 2012 Red Devil Open Mic:

It was the return of Jessica our favorite Banh Mi maker, and she sold out of her sandwiches in an hour! She was so glad to be back, and we were happy to have her! Dinner was goooood!

It was also good to see the Wise Fools again. They recently started coming to our Open Mic and yesterday was their 3rd week straight. They are, no doubt, unlike any other performers we’ve seen at Red Devil Open Mic, and their brand of music is highly entertaining. We are happy to have them join the community!

A personal favorite performance of the night for me came from Dane Ohri.  It was his first time performing at Red Devil Open Mic…in fact he just moved to San Francisco recently.  Welcome Dane!  Be sure to hear his recording and all the others here.

Another highlight of the night was when our good friend Mario Di Sandro came up on stage and jammed the S%*t out of his blue guitar. For those of you who don’t know Mario, he is one of the nicest, most soft-spoken rockstars out there. He is very apologetic – in fact, Will, from “Thunderegg” and him have a new pact – he has to pay Will a dollar every time he says “Sorry” for something he shouldn’t be sorry about. But last night Mario was on fire! He was cracking jokes, rocking out, saving the day and even got a little mosh pit started! Great way to close the night!!

The 3 Keyboard Performer.  The photo below explains it all.

Lastly, after we wrapped up, a handful of us went over to Bob’s Donuts for some hot fresh donuts (YUMMMM) and we discovered that they actually have a challenge that we weren’t previously aware of. See, they have this HUGE, GIANT, MONSTER donut – maybe 4 or 5 million donuts combined and if you can eat it all, plus a drink in 3 minutes or less, you get your money back ($7), a T-shirt, and your name on the wall of fame… Any challengers??  If so take a mini video and we will share it on the Red Devil Open Mic Facebook Page.

Here is a sneak peak to what’s in store for you open mic-ers next week

Tuesday, June 19th, is our second installment of our “Cover Your Friend” series, and we are looking forward to it. Plus, it is Open Mic Regular, Benjamin Brown’s birthday-feature, AAANNNNNNDD we have HOUSE DRUMMER Trent!! Sweeeet!

So the concept of Cover Your Friend night is pretty straight forward – You’ve made friends at our open mic – you’ve complimented and maybe even constructively criticized their music, and now, you get to put your spin on things!

Here is a look at one of our good friends, Brentando doing a cover or Ben Brown’s original song, “Damned” at our first “Cover Your Friend” Night!

 Anna’s joke of the week:

“What does the bartender give you to get into the bathroom at a bar?”

Bring the answer next week to Anna for $1 off 1 drink.

Thank you for reading!

I like you,
KC Turner (your host)

P.S. – Thank you to Jasmine Pritchard who is 50% the reason these highlights make it to your eyes.

Recordings of the night can be heard at KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

A great 5th of June, Before Perils, Happy Birthday Thunderegg

Hello Red Devil Open Mic performers and fans!

This is your host, KC Turner “speaking” and I want to welcome to the first edition of this weekly newsletter/blog.  Be sure to read through the bottom because there is a chance to win $1 off your next drink, woo whoo!

Tuesday June 5th was AWESOME!  90 good looking folks were chillin’ in the cozy intimate Red Devil Lounge.  It was the night of the listening crowd and the reason was because the talent was fantastic!  It was a very eclectic mix of musicians that ranged from Hip-Hop to Heavy Metal.  We had regulars come through and rock it out and we had quite a number of first timers too.  Below is the photo of musicians lined up to sign up before doors opened at 7pm.

During the first half of the night, I stumbled across an amazing little book called “A Hipster Joke Book“.  Why would I randomly come across this book?  Well, because Anna our bartender wrote it!  YES!  Freaking awesome right?  After we offended a few hipsters in the beginning of the night I was satisfied 🙂

Gumbo Dave came by with seafood gumbo and vegan gumbo. (Below)

Our featured performer was “Before Perils“.  Holy awesomesauce.  They enticed the fans with their versions of famous songs – they did a Michael Jackson medley- as well as their own tunes.  They had the crowd enthralled, and get this, it was ALL INSTRUMENTAL. If you can get a room of singer/songwriters to listen to your full 35 minute set when you’re not even singing anything, you know you are doing something right!

OK so here is the brief story.  A few months ago this instrumental band of 4 drove all the way from Fresno to Red Devil Lounge Open Mic to perform 2 songs like everyone else.  For those unaware, that is a 3.5 hour drive one way.  WOW!  When I first met them they were SOOO nice.  I was like, “oh please be good…”  They were so kickass.  The whole club had their jaws on the floor.  We ended up giving them a 3rd song (which we NEVER do).  I instantly had to schedule them for a featured performer set.  Those lucky enough to be there last night know exactly what I’m talking about.

A soft spot in the night came a little bit after the feature when our good friend Julie came up to do her short set. It was only the 4th time in her life performing on stage and she made me aware that she was having herself a little case of the jitters.  So I rallied the crowd to say, “We’re with you Julie”, and that seemed to put her at ease.  Then she ran out and bought everyone fresh Bob’s Donuts! (Recently featured on Bold Italic)

Another crowd-joined moment came at the end of the night, at midnight to be exact, when we sang a great big happy birthday to our good friend Will, of Thunderegg.  “Thunderegg”, who was our feature last week, is becoming ubiquitous at our Open Mic and we couldn’t be happier.  Below is his new music video shot by another open mic regular (they met at the Red Devil Open Mic) Rob Cox!

Lets take a break and get a little technical – here is some sound advice from our in-house sound superstar, Dan Foldes:

When singing into an SM58 microphone, always sing within 1 to 3 inches of the mic.  It will help your voice sound more full and warm.”

And lastly, here is a joke/riddle from our bartender Anna

Here are the rules: next Tuesday, you go up to Anna and give her your answer – whether it be right, wrong, silly or crazy, she will give you a $1 off a drink – but you HAVE to know the question part of the joke.. “How do you catch a hairy alcoholic?”

If you would like to see photos of each performer, please friend Red Devil Open Mic on FACEBOOK.  If you want to hear/download the recordings of the night please visit KCTURNERPRESENTS.COM

Thanks for reading our first newsletter/blog post!  And a HUGE thank you to Jasmine Pritchard for helping with content and the secret sauce.

See you Tuesday!

KC Turner